Finding the right home loan can be a difficult process, especially when you have to consider:

  • What and where should I be buying?
  • How much do I need to contribute?
  • How much will I be able to borrow?
  • What lender should I use?
  • What other costs are involved?
  • What options do I have to pay off the mortgage quickly?
  • Have I covered all my bases?

As your mortgage adviser, we guide you through the process to ensure that we answer all these questions and more. There are many options available. Researching all your home finance options and checking the “fine print” can take a long time. We work with you to save you time and money – and it all comes at no extra cost to you.Whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned property investor or simply looking for a “better deal”- your mortgage broker is a professional resource and a critical part in managing the process. We are there each step of the way, working with the real estate agent, conveyancer, lender and even your accountant and financial planner. We make sure that this process is professionally managed to reduce the time and worry for you throughout. We do our best to ensure we help you obtain the finance that best suits your circumstances and needs.

Please call the office in Brisbane for more information or clarification about your own particular circumstances on (07) 3378 2056.

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