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Taking control of your financial future takes time and discipline. It will involve making some hard decisions, but if you make a plan and stick to it, over time it will become a habit and will deliver financial security and prosperity.


Talking about your money needn’t be a baffling experience. But you may have to get used to a few terms and phrases. Here’s a simple A to Z to get you going.

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Most of us spend more than we need to on everything from credit cards to power bills and petrol. Nicole Pedersen – Mckinnon has some simple tips that can save you over $5, 000 right away.

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Just like a doctor would perform a health check by looking at some vital signs, you can perform your own wealth check using a few key measures. Take the test to find out the true state of your financial health. You may be pleasantly surprised – and if not, just two simple fixes can change that.

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In your 70s, you’re living the high life. No kids, no work, lots of money! How could things get any better? This is a time where life is pretty good, but why shouldn’t it be? You’ve been busy all your life. Kids, property, mortgage, school – you’ve worked hard, why not enjoy it? Put your feet up, relax. This is your time!

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