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Sadly, managing our personal finances is not one of the skills they teach us at school. It is not easy, and for many, the thought of preparing and managing a budget is just – well – boring.

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Here’s some great end of financial year budget ideas for home buyers. Getting your budget under control and your finances in order is absolutely essential to anyone looking to apply for a home loan, but it’s particularly important for first home buyers about to take the first step on the property ladder.

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Taking control of your financial future takes time and discipline. It will involve making some hard decisions, but if you make a plan and stick to it, over time it will become a habit and will deliver financial security and prosperity.


Talking about your money needn’t be a baffling experience. But you may have to get used to a few terms and phrases. Here’s a simple A to Z to get you going.

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Most of us spend more than we need to on everything from credit cards to power bills and petrol. Nicole Pedersen – Mckinnon has some simple tips that can save you over $5, 000 right away.

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