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As many people are still on their summer holidays, there’s not much happening in our property markets this month. Few auctions have been listed around the country and most property movements are occurring through private sales. Here’s what’s happening to our property market this month.

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It was great to see many of our first-home buyer customers finally getting their foot on the property ladder, as homes became a bit more affordable. There were plenty of bargains for property investors, despite the tightening in credit conditions, and those still in the market to buy a home in December will be ending the year on a high note. Property prices and auction clearance rates continue to weaken, creating a buyer’s market with plenty of property still up for sale.

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November is an exciting month as the Spring Racing Carnival kicks into high-gear and we begin the countdown to Christmas. (Only 7 weeks until Santa arrives!) It’s an exciting time for property buyers too, as auction clearance rates continue to slide, and sellers struggle to get their price in the Spring property market.

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The last weekend in September was a little quiet in our property markets, as buyers took time off to watch the AFL and NFL Grand Finals. We hope your team won and you’re now back on the open inspection circuit – there are plenty of bargains up for grabs in our Spring property market and who knows how long the current buyer’s market will last?

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The busy Spring selling season has kicked off and that means an action-packed few months ahead in our property markets. Here’s our latest update to get you ready for the action. If you’re planning on buying a home, get ready to negotiate! With auction clearance rates and property prices on a downward trend, you’ll have the advantage over vendors feeling the pressure to sell. Here’s our latest update to get you ready for the action.

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