Download these 7 University Suburb Growth & Performance Reports valued at $693!

To help you capitalise on the latest property market trends, we’re delivering you Real Estate Investar’s University Suburb Growth & Performance Reports.

These free reports will help you to locate suburbs with a high growth rate, or conversely those which are becoming more affordable, to help you refine your property search.

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Which university suburbs have the highest growth?

Real Estate Investar’s university Suburbs Growth & Performance Reports will give you deeper insights into the trends affecting the university suburbs where you may be interested in investing or buying your home.

With this pack of seven reports, you can find out the:

  • Highest yielding university suburbs
  • Fastest median growth university suburbs
  • University suburbs with the largest average annual median price increase in the last five years
  • Fastest rental growth university suburbs
  • Lowest vacancy rates university suburbs
  • Biggest turnaround university suburbs
  • University suburbs with the largest average annual median rent increase in the last five years

This invaluable market data is drawn from the very latest information and property rental trends, so you can choose which suburbs are ripe for investment to maximise your profit on any property you purchase. It’s great information for both home buyers and property investors, designed to help you make more informed property decisions.

These reports will help you identify:

  • The suburbs producing over 9% gross rental yields right now, ideal if you are looking to invest in property with positive cash flow.
  • Suburbs with the fastest growth as a preliminary indicator of where the market in the area may be heading – great if you’re looking to buy a home with maximum capital growth potential.
  • The suburbs with steady growth over four years, which may point to a safe and stable property investment.
  • Suburbs experiencing a rapid upturn in rental returns over the last 12 months, which can indicate increased desirability in an area and future capital growth appreciation.
  • The cheapest and most expensive university suburbs, so you can target areas with property that matches your buying strategy.


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